Back to life, Back to reality

I’m back from my 3-week vacation in South Africa!

And though I tend to use song names as post titles, in this case coming back was literally coming back to the Tel Avivian reality.

You see, as I walked the stairs to our apartment, I noticed something smelt fishy.
By fishy I mean –  did a street cat died in the hallway?
It was really stinky.
When I opened the door, I discovered the smell comes from the apartment itself, and it was no dead cat… It was mold. A very bad case of mold.

Most of our wooden furniture covered with a greenish coat, 2 of the walls were spotted with black dots and the kitchen… My lovely kitchen! It was the worst. Both in smell and looks. (I will spare the nasty description from you…)

I thought we live in the perfect old beautiful building, but it turns out the infrastructure just couldn’t cope up with our summer leave. Tel Aviv is just too moist!

Since I’m allergic to 50% of the things in the world + an ex-asthmatic, I can’t continue living here for long. Even after we cleaned all the mold we could (with masks, it looked quite hilarious), there seems to be a true problem with the walls and we need to move out.

Here again, we’re facing the devastating real estate reality of Tel Aviv city.

Moving out

Picture from 7 months ago

I swear, if this would happen a year ago I would probably cry my heart off, but it seems that in the year that passed I developed some kind of emotional stability. Amazeballs.
Let’s see if I can keep it up in what is also known as mission impossible #1 – finding an apartment in Tel Aviv.

If this was a TV show you would have seen hundreds of couples and roommates running around in matching colored headbands, challenged to find a normal apartment where the sink doesn’t link brown water and the rent is less than 6000 ₪.
Thing is, no one wears matching headbands, it’s an undercover Facebook race and we don’t seem to win it so far!

Here are some highlights from our 4-day apartment-hunt:

  • “Great apartment for those who aren’t at home during the day” stands for “the building is under construction”.
  • “intimate” apartments are small apartments, usually meaning less than 45 square meter, and the only Intimacy you will find there is the one between the bedroom and the kitchen sink.
  • An apartment looks great? Scroll to find out the kitchen is shared with 1-3 other neighbors! And don’t let the determined real estate agents fool you,“shared with a chef/ a tenant that knows to cook amazing food!” says nothing about the frequency they wash their dishes.
  • Real estate agents in itself is something that annoys me. What once used to be a real occupation is now a Facebook post writing job. The service includes just a Facebook message and a tour with 3829 other people. Why should I pay an additional 8000₪ for that??

A picture from SA that sums the way I about Facebook real estate agents at this point:

I hate real estate agents

Credit to my boyfriend, who makes sure I’ll remember the hungry/ tired moments of this trip too

To make things more realistic, my phone passed away this morning.
I might have been too excited to come back to the gym, didn’t hold my phone right and it fell all the way down from the high stair-climbing machine.
Just came back from the mechanic who told me it’s fatal…

What I like about my reality is – it’s all okay! Thank god I’m not a designer assistant anymore, and I can afford to pay movers and buy a new phone.
And it was time to get a new phone anyway, right? We could all tell that the pics on the blog were a bit too blurry. That could be my 23-birthday present to myself (17 days count down!).

Yep, so I’m back to reality.
Back to write again, back to manage the happiness, back to platies classes & running.
Sure feels good to be back in Tel Aviv!

I’d love to hear your thought & tips about urban apartment hunts!
And if there’s a Tel Avivian apartment owner in the crowd…. Contact me urgently!


*The phone death also effected the amount of photos in the post. Sorry for that. Going to buy a new one after work!
** Will write some kind of a best-of-SA post soon! Be hold!