Out Of Office #17 – Lehamim

Good Morning!
It’s 9:05 and I’m starting my day at a Tel Avivian classic – Lehamim Bakery”.
The kind of place I had to mention at some point, a very known Institute in this city.
Also, a great choice for those who love the smell of bread (Lehem, in hebrew).

Lehamim - Entrance

I’m sitting in the main Lehamim branch, located in Hashmonain street.
It’s the best branch as long as I’m concerned because they bake for all the other shops.
They have the biggest variety and almost never run low on stock. I also like the fact it’s open 24/7 except Saturdays. And the fact you can sit in front of the kitchen and watch the bakers in real time.

Lehamim - racks

That’s one of +-15 racks. You can imagine the variety.


  • Bicycle Parking – 
  • Charging Plugs – V
  • Wifi – 
  • English Menu –  V
  • Price Range –$$ (cheap, $$ – regular, $$$ – fancy)
  • Food –  Modern Israeli kitchen with a huge variety of pastries and bread
  • Service – Pleasant and smile-filled
  • Kosher – V
  • Vegan Friendly –
  • 10bisV
  • Newspapers – V
  • Smoking – V (outside)
  • Final Score for Working/ Studying – 9/10

I walked through racks, sat down, and ordered a cup of fresh orange juice ().
It was nice and fresh, bringing me back to sanity after a crazy-hard morning pilates class.
The egg sandwich they recommended () arrived quickly after that.
Someone in the kitchen was very generous with the eggs, spread and veggies! I enjoyed every (warm) bite. As expected from such a known bakery in town, the seed-filled-crunchy-crumb-bread was great as well.

Lehamim - sandwich

Looks casual, but the bread makes it more than that!

Then, I ordered a cappuccino.
I give them an extra point for serving it with a little salty parmesan cookie.
My only comment on this one was that it was lukewarm when it arrived, I prefer my coffee very hot.
But rather than that, it was a good strong flavored coffee, approved by my standards.

Lehamim - Coffee

Always serve coffee with cookies. That’s a recipe for customer success Lehamim!

Timing comments – I think the best time to visit this place is  Tuesday, from 9 in the morning till the afternoon, when an antique market is run in the square facing the bakery. I find the colorful view inspiring and the market draws interesting people to the streets around the block.
Also note – the worst time to visit is Friday morning. That’s true for any place in Tel Aviv, but specifically at this place – it’s packed!
If you want to get service come on weekdays or very early on Friday, around 7-8 o’clock.
Another timing thing worth knowing – there’s a 1+1 sale on bread from 21:00 o’clock, in this branch only.

Lehamim - Pic From Balcony

Pic the market is set up

Now, I want to tell you about a little realization I had yesterday.
It happened because I had a serious creativity block during the day. I didn’t go away and I sought help online. A short research brought up a Refinery29 video about the subject by one of their cutest hosts, Lucie Fink. It was quite kitschy, I admit, but it made me understand what is my source of inspiration.
It’s my out of office mornings! The days me and my laptop begin by exploring the city through coffee, pastries and sandwiches.

Ideas just pop into my head when I take the time to drink coffee by myself.
I leave with sketches for the comics I publish weekly on my company’s website (something I do as the social media gal). I have notes with new spices I want to add to my rack or dishes I think of between bites. I also get lots of fashion inspiration from the stylish women of Tel Aviv, refreshing given the fact I work in a closed office with 8 un-stylish men.

So here I am today and I already thought of some creative marketing Ideas that would probably never pop in my mind if I wasn’t sitting in front of a colorful market, hearing a side conversation of two filmmakers from my right.

Those little visits really add something to my schedule and in case you haven’t tried it yet maybe you should give it a try! I say it’s worth getting over the social anxiety of sitting by yourself. (:

Lehamim - Pic from Inside

Isn’t this environment inspiring?

Ahh. The whole time I was sitting here I was thinking about the fact I’m going to study psychology next year. It’s been a week since I got expected and I’m still pumped!
I hope I can preserve these once-a-week-mornings as a student.
Maybe I’ll even work in a small coffee shop?
It’s way less glamorous than a hi-tech student position but it will make the smell of coffee and pastries part of my life. Hmm.. Thought.

Kisses from the not-yet-student that has to head back to her office!

Picture from Lehamim's street

me & my fabulous Pilates mat

Out Of Office #16 – Lehem & Shot

Good morning from the corner of the most delightful bakery on Ben Yehuda street!
Today I’m starting my morning at Lehem& Shot (directly translated to Bread& Co), a piece of New York two streets from my house.

Doesn’t look too different from outside, but memories from NY come with the smell & sound

Why is it New-York-is? The music, the Illuminated space filled dark colors and metal, the common tables…Or maybe it’s just my memory, I haven’t been in New York for a while.
A very long while to be exact, 15 years.
(Wow. I sound so old to myself as I type that.)
That’s the memoryI have from the restaurants in NY, though it might have been combined with the vibe I picked up from my grandma’s pictures from her college period New York of 1951.

The view from the corner I sat down at


  • Bicycle Parking – 
  • Charging Plugs – V
  • Wifi – 
  • English Menu –  V
  • Price Range –$$ (cheap, $$ – regular, $$$ – fancy)
  • Food –  A variety of baked goods 
  • Service – Pleasant and smile-filled
  • Kosher – X
  • Vegan Friendly –
  • 10bis– X
  • Newspapers – V
  • Smoking – V (outside)
  • Final Score for Working/ Studying – 9/10

I ordered a zucchini sandwich (18 ₪) that turned out to be a hit.
The bread, the pesto, the light touch of parmesan, it all worked – making a sandwich I’ll most definitely try to duplicate at home.
*I just need to grow some cactuses, buy a bakery smelled scent spray (is there such a thing?) and create a 50th playlist to duplicate the vibe to accompany my bites.

As for coffee, I ordered an espresso (7 ₪), a bit unusual for me, but I just couldn’t handle a milk-filled cappuccino this morning (probably influenced by my lactose-free boyfriend).
It’s hard for me to judge it because I don’t usually drink espressos (and when I do they all taste quite the same). But the coffee was nice, not too strong and with a pleasant aroma.

My milk-free coffee choice

I’m happy I started my day here, I needed to recover from a small disappointment and Lehem & shot was a great way to do so.  There is a magical effect to good service & tasty carbs.
I left much happier than I arrived. (:

A magical effect in the shape of pastries and Baguettes

I hope you gave a great week!



Out Of Office #12 – Lecker

I was on my way to one of my favorite bakeries when I realized I’d forgotten my phone at home. I considered taking shots with my laptop for a moment, but then I overcame my laziness and paddled back to get it. 10 min later the phone was once again secured in my bag, but I was too hungry to cycle to the bakery again. The solution: cycle to work and stop at the first place that catches my eye.

That’s how I ended up at “Lecker”, a green dot in the middle of Arlozerov street. Quite a small place, but the light color and the flowers caught my eye.

"Lecker" review - The Jungle Blog

Arlozerov 76, Open till 19:00 if I got it right

I tied my bike to the fence and stepped into the street balcony, asking the waiter where I can plug in my laptop, their “best” laptop seat was taken, so he quickly moved a table closer to the plugs for me. The first sign of great service.
I guess I could have waited for the waiter to come to me but: a) the smell that came out of the small space was amazing, and b) when it comes to pastries I love choosing from the rack.

"Lecker" review - The Jungle Blog

When I walked in I discovered the waiter was the only employee in this cafe, serving as a barista, sandwich maker and menu as well.
His coffee bar hid behind a vitrine, in the right corner of the small room packed with goods from window to wall – jams, pastries, cookies, bread, pasta, wine… Just name anything you’ll get as an edible souvenir from a countryside farm and it was there.  I asked the super-waiter if there’s a bakery in the back and he said most of the supply is bought from other bakeries or imported, but some is homemade (though he didn’t say exactly what).

"Lecker" review - The Jungle Blog

Jams, pastries, cookies, bread, pasta, wine…


  • Bicycle Parking –
  • Charging Plugs – V 
  • Wifi –
  • English Menu –  I guess the barista can speak English as well
  • Price Range – $$  (cheap, $$ – regular, $$$ – fancy)
  • Food – Fine-ish
  • Service –  Top notch. 
  • Kosher – No certificate, but they have Kosher packed goods and they are closed on Saturday
  • Vegan Friendly –
  • 10bis – X
  • Newspapers – V
  • Smoking – Outside
  • Final Score for Working/ Studying – 7/10

"Lecker" review - The Jungle Blog

To be honest, the food wasn’t a hit, it was OK. I wrote about this place because of it’s vibe & service. The barista knew most customers by name and coffee choice and everything from the old ladies meet up to the brownie I got on the house felt homey, that’s something to cherish in a big city.

"Lecker" review - The Jungle Blog

The coffee that reminded me of my parents home

Another homey point was their coffee, served in a big glass mug. That’s the same kind of mug I drink my personalized vanilla-flavored-cappuccino from when I visit my parents ever since they got a coffee machine. It felt like my dad would join me any second and bring some poppy seed cake (something they usually have around during the weekends).

I’m glad I forgot my phone, “Lecker” totally made my day start with a smile.
kisses all way to the office,

"Lecker" review - The Jungle Blog