Out Of Office #18 – XOHO

Good Morning!
It’s 07:40 and I’m sipping coffee at XOHO, an amazing spot I discovered on a night walk.

What walk?
Lately, my boyfriend and I have been substituting our pre-sleep episode watching ritual for a new one –night walks in pajamas.
I’m not sure if it began because of the Brooklyn nine-nine season break or because of the spring allergy I had in my eyes. Anyway, it’s here to stay, cause it’s a delight.
We take a different road each time, walking through streets I don’t usually use because of my bike. I love the exploration, even the streets I cycle through regularly look completely different at night. And in addition, I find new places – like this one!

Xoho review - the jungle blog - outside

Xoho’s front balcony at 07:30, before it got filled with customer buzz


Bicycle Parking – X (I think I took the only available spot) 
Charging Plugs – V
Wifi – 
English Menu –  V
Price Range –$$ (cheap, $$ – regular, $$$ – fancy)
Food –  Healthy vegan friendly menu with Californian touches
Service – Great!
Kosher – V
Vegan Friendly –
Newspapers – V
Smoking – V (outside)
Final Score for Working/ Studying – 10/10


The crew knows Hebrew but communicates mostly in English and combined with the illustration filled rustic design and the fresh cinnamon cookies smell… I had a throwback to California.
Even before I tasted their amazingly moist apple & walnut muffin (that felt as if it landed on my plate straight from a San Francisco memory) I knew I’ll become a returning customer.

Xoho review - the jungle blog - illustrated walls

Isn’t it marvelous? One of the illustrated walls.

Want to know how cool is is?
On my left – 3 girls were planning a music festival.

Xoho review - the jungle blog - chats

The festival-planing gals

On the right – stood a wall filled with funky art prints and colorful notebooks.

Xoho review - the jungle blog - art wall

Yes, I did buy an art print when I finished to type.



I mentioned the muffin above, but it’s really worth the extra mentioning.
It was a 10/10 – a must for all baked-apple lovers.
Moist, crumb-sprinkled, the perfect apple/nut ratio.
The whole experience for 15₪.

Xoho review - the jungle blog - muffin

I wanted to order a whole muffin basket and take it to the office with me! Yet, I didn’t, because I’m living modestly and saving for my closely approaching psychology studies… (!)


Xoho has a great version to my current favorite – a fluffy almond milked based cappuccino (16₪).

Xoho review - the jungle blog - coffee

Notice the cool use of old cans as tableware holders in the background


Another 10/10.
You might feel like I’m over grading here, but the waiter was one of the best I met so far.
A balance of kindness, interest and space giving.
Well played Xoho, you have a great recruiter in your team!

Notes to myself:

  • It’s a hip funky place to take my so-much-cooler younger brother for breakfast. He’ll have many vegan options to choose from and maybe he’ll stop hating Tel Aviv.
  • A great illustration inspiration spot! (If you’re not regulars I might need to mention I draw a weekly comic for my company and I seek inspiration at all times.)
    I even bought a piece of Xoho for my office:
Xoho review - the jungle blog - desk pic

Doesn’t it upgrade my boring desk?

I hope you’re having a great morning as well, no matter where you’re starting your day!
Xoho – definitely a place to visit, foreign or local, you can’t help loving it. (First time I gave a perfect score!)

Some useful links: Xoho’s Instagram, website and Facebook page. (In this order because I just created an Instagram account and I’m very excited about that!)


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