Out Of Office #19 – Cafelix

Good Morning!
I’m all goosebumps and chills because today I’m visiting a well-known café for the first time.

You won’t believe how much I heard about it, and till yesterday I thought it’s a one-of-a-kind coffee shop in Florentine ( a southern area I don’t usually pass by).
But…  Yesterday one of the guys from my office walked in with their branded cup.
“Did you start your day in Florentin?” I asked, “No” he answered, “there’s a Cafelix branch just outside my building”. What? I didn’t know that! His building is extremely close to mine…

So, I googled it, and one morning later…here I am!

Cafelix review - entrence - the jungle blog

Lots of bikes, looks inviting to me!


  • Bicycle Parking – V (Tons of parking places on the street, you can see on the pic)
  • Charging Plugs – V
  • Wifi – V  (The password was cute, that’s something that always makes me smile)
  • English Menu –  Verbal menu for all (So I guess it depends if the barista that serves you the coffee is fluent or not)
  • Price Range –$$ (cheap, $$ – regular, $$$ – fancy)
  • Food –  Pastries, cookies, and sandwiches from some of the best places in town
  • Service – Everything is served with a smile, self-service from the bar
  • Kosher – X
  • Vegan Friendly – V (Vegan options)
  • 10bis– X
  • Newspapers – V
  • Smoking – V (outside)
  • Final Score for Working/ Studying – 8/10
  • Bottom line: Great coffee & great music, -2 only because it’s hard to find a place to sit down (sharing a table is almost a must). 


The rustic barista island that takes up 1/3 of the place inside is filled with cookie jars, cake racks & a sandwiches crate (wrapped and ready to be taken on the go).

Cafelix review - racks of cookies - the jungle blog

Told you that a bit of illustration is going to be added in each time (:

As I waited for my coffee I scanned the pastries, trying to choose one for breakfast. Some of them looked very familiar, soI asked the nice barista about their origins. Apparently, Cafelix imports goods from all over town. Some of the pastries came from a bakery in Jaffa, others from a vegan pastry chef. The list was pretty long.
The result: a great variety of morning snacks to choose from!

Cafelix review - poppy seed cake - the jungle blog

The ~vegan~ poppy-seed pastry I chose.


Now, this was the Wow moment I heard about. The Ca-pang!
The coffee was absolutely perfect.
Strong, flavorful & other words to describe the coffee cup of my dreams.

Cafelix review - coffee - the jungle blog

They had almond milk (yay! I can drink coffee and my throat won’t itch the whole day!) and I asked for my fave – a big almond-based cappuccino. That’s not what I got though.
The barista told me: “You’ll have the best aroma if you’ll go for a medium”. I took his advice.
And he was absolutely right – It was perfect!


At first, I didn’t understand if there’s a waiter or if I’m supposed to order from the bar.
3 min of observation brought me to the conclusion the second option is correct.
The barista I mentioned earlier as a coffee aroma expert was really nice. Constantly smiling, very helpful. So even though there was no to-the-table service, the service was excellent!

Cafelix review - Barista bar - the jungle blog

Things I noted to myself

  • The urban Cafelix myth was correct – one of their walls is filled with cups of returning customers! Part of the barista training here is to know all the regular customers’ orders by heart. Impressive.
  • A good place to work from when I want to have coffee and answer emails, not a good place for private conversations/ creative time.
  • I need to invite my espresso-expert dad here next time he comes to town.

Ans back to reality – I’m sitting here for 1.5 hours now.
People are constantly eyeing my empty plate from the long line in front of the bar.
I think it’s my cue to paddle back to the office.

Have a wonderful day,

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