Now Bust A Move

I can’t believe I’m moving with my boyfriend tomorrow!
Yes, I knew this was coming up for a couple of weeks , but It only hit me when I saw the white walls of the empty room I finished packing!

This means – no more flatmates! No more pilled sinks, or dirty underwear in the bathroom, no more walking in quietly so X (name withheld) wouldn’t notice I came! From now on I’m coming in with a “Ta-Daa!”, 3 steps of jazz, and – “honey, what do you want for dinner? because we freaking have a kitchen for ourselves!”. At least for a week.

I want to thank FB, for helping me find this gorgeous sofa, for a price I can afford:

(Shot in the seller's apartment*)

(Shot in the seller’s apartment*)

And thank myself as well, for refreshing 10 second-hand furniture pages every hour. There is no luck in this world, if you want to find beautiful (cheap) furniture you got to hit those F5 buttons!

Also – a great moment to thank the universe for my parents.
When I got home last weekend my mom jumped to the door supper exited and said: ” We’re going to buy you a fridge!”. “We said we’ll wait and talk and talk to her properly!” dad’s voice popped from the kitchen, “right, right but I was just too exited! You know – no one supported me when I was in the university, I’m so happy we can help you now!”. (Still not a student, it’s just a build up for next year!).

It didn’t stop there.
On Monday I got a text from mom: “Don’t buy anything for your kitchen”. I guess most of you celebrate Christmas but for me it’s Hanukkah,  a holiday of light, donuts and miracles. So I texted back – “Mom, is this a holiday thing?”, and got a list as a response: ” A tea pot, 2 serving sets, 3 pans, 3 pots, working tools, coffee, tea, sugar, salt, olive oil, viniger and ext’..”.
“Mom your just awesome!!!!!”
“You still have to buy a microwave, though”. Well Gee, I think I can handle it.

Wait, we have a phase 3.
“Dad, you’ll pick me up from my apartment and we’ll drive to the new one together?”
“Am.. I can’t. your mom is bringing food..”
“Dad – we have a 7-seat car and extra wagon for the move!”
“What can I do, you know your mom..”
I really don’t know what to expect tomorrow.

I’ll upload pictures from our new place as soon at it’s tidied up & ready for a first photo shoot! (Spoiler – It has the same kind of vintage tiles I fell for in this apartment!).

Time to go back to youtube, I think there are some DIY videos I haven’t seen,
Wish me luck!



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