Notes From My Sick Leave

I tried to avoid it for a week, but the pain in my throat kept getting worse and I had to seek medical help. Who needs a lunch break when you can spend an hour in the clinic, surrounded by groups of seniors? (I must tell you, the line is so much longer when 90% of the people in it can’t hear.)

When my number was finally called the nurse diagnosed me with a viral virus and send me to bed with a prescription – ignoring the fact that it’s the 1st of the month, the most important day for office duties.
I obviously couldn’t ignore that fact, so I came back to the office, made myself tea, and worked till no task was left behind.

I was woken up by the pain in my throat at 5:00 a.m., early enough to watch the first beautiful lights of November the 2nd, a regular legit day to call in sick! After texting my boss, putting my phone on silent mode and constantly failing at going back to sleep, I took my laptop to do exactly what sick people do –  watch tons of movies!

This is when my first problem came up – I had no idea which movie I should watch.
No trailer popped in my head and all my friends where offline, studying or working – too busy to give me a recommendation. I was stuck with the highly ranked movie lists on google, quickly realizing I don’t share a taste with the editors of IMDB or Rotten Tomatoes. I had the feeling all the lists I found where either pretentious and depressing or written by goofy nude loving teenagers.

As you might guess –  this could be a problem when you have 12 hours to burn, but still – movies are just a luxury, during my 3 day struggle with sickness I found out it’s much harder to take care of yourself when your sick! So I made a list. You could call it -“the things Rotem is grateful she did before the 02/11/16, and the things she learned on the way”, or just –  “How to be prepared for sickness“. Either way, here it is:

1. Order in

Even though I love to cook, I didn’t really feel like standing up and preparing myself a proper soup this week. I did it, but is was such a waste of energy! On my next sick leave I’m ordering a takeaway and letting some healthy person do the chopping & dish cleaning for me!

2. Have a pack Kleenex somewhere

This one is written while my itchy red nose is healing from the use of regular tissue for a week. I guess soft tissue is actually something worth having.

3. Make a watch-list

Well, you heard about my no-movie-situation, but there’s a relatively easy way out of using google to find a movie – simply adding a note on your phone! No more tempting trailers will be forgotten, recommendations will start lining up, and you will have a custom list waiting for the right opportunity. I would never end up watching movies like “Bad Moms” again! (sorry Mila, I love you, but lets admit PTA’s are not a subject worth writing movies about)

4. Tell your roommate’s you’ll be haunting the house

I don’t know your roommates, but people might do strange things when they think their alone in the apartment, like… Changing the electrical outlets in their room armed with nothing but a kitchen knife and disconnecting the house from electricity as a result. Those where 3 very unpleasant hours, and in addition I had to see my roommate in his tiny-tiny underwear, again. (You can click here to read more about my lovely shared apartment.)

5.Own Ginger at all times

I got sick of drinking the same tea again and again, and I felt bad I don’t have more then one kind of herb and one kind of teabags, but I quickly found out it’s actually quite easy to upgrade a cup of tea! You can use spices (ginger, cinnamon sticks, cloves..), lemon or honey. I added the simple recipe my friend Galia taught me to last year  :

My Verbena Tea Recipe


6. Also, own what you tend to crave

It was 3:00 p.m., I was watching the Big Bang Theory, and suddenly the only thing I craved was pecans. It made sense I would be hungry cause all I ate that day was soup, but.. pecans? The thought of eating anything else made me feel nauseous. So it happened that on 3:30 I bought 150 grams of pecans at the neighborhood store, wearing my pajamas. To prevent future messy hair red eyed visits to the streets I decided to own some snacks, even though I like to snack on nuts  and other healthy things that are super expensive. I think it might be one of those things that make the place you live in feel homey, a feeling much needed when your ill.

7. Live with your boyfriend

Yep, next time I’m sick I want someone nice and caring to take of me, go buy me pecans and keep the electricity killers away from my laptop cinema.

As you might have already suspected, this post is a guilty post explaining why I didn’t write an out of office post this week, I just started writing and..  It turned into a sick leave post!

I Hope you all have a nice sick-free winter, full of verbena tea & successful movie nights!



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