DIY (Affordable) Cork Wall

Welcome to part two of my crafting projects reviling!
As I mentioned in the first post, on the last couple of month  I have been working on some budget friendly projects to make the new apartment we moved to into a home.
One of my favorite projects was making a cork wall, replicating a pin I saved a long time ago.
(My version is a bit different, adjusted to be affordable)

DIY Cork wall - The Jungle Blog


The Inspiration

Ever since I traveled in South Africa I’m very fond of cork.
I met a local designer that made amazing bags from it and that opened my mind to the fact it can be used for more than sealing bottles.
These days I even have a wallet made of cork (a  really good leather-alternative! You can find it on this Etsy shop).

A couple of months ago this pin popped into my Pinterest feed:

The cork wall inspiration

Originally from –

I really liked the idea!
When we moved in I immediately spotted the perfect wall for such a thing – the shady, colorless, part between the entry hallway and the living room.
It needed some warm colors and I thought a cork wall would help me to bring them in.

The problem

Cork is expensive.
It would have cost me around 500₪ (120$) to buy cork sheets for the wall I wanted to cover.

The solution

Cork coasters!
Much cheaper & look quite cool lined together, like a cork-brick wall.

Affordable cork wall - GIF


  • A ruler
  • A pen
  • A good pair of scissors
  • 20 5-piece cork coasters packages –  bought at a dollar store for  100₪ (25$) total.
  • 4 rolls of strong double sided tape – bought at a dollar store for 20₪ (5$) total
  • Pins
  • A bunch of pictures and little hangable souvenirs

The process

  1. Measure the wall you want to cover and write down the measurements before you head to coaster-shop.
  2. Buy the coasters at a houseware shop or a dollar store.  Choose coasters you like and measure them to know how many packages you’ll need to cover the wall.
  3. Test the tape by gluing the bottom first coaster to the wall. It should stick right away and be very hard to remove once it touched the glue.  If you want to extra sure leave it overnight and test it again in the morning.
  4. Glue the coasters to the wall row after row, going right to left or left to right to make sure the alien squares in the different rows (you can go for a more bricky look with non-overlapping lines).
    Cork Wall DIY - Gluing

    My hand just looked like a claw in this pic so I added it and I actually really liked the result. Might see this kind of illustration again on the blog.

    I cut the last coaster in each row to fit the corner, you might need to do that too. Measure the gap between the last coaster you laid to the end of the wall\ corner.  Then mark the length using a ruler and a pen and cut it with scissors (coasters are quite easy to cut).

    Measuring coasters for the cork wall

    The only ruler I had was my sewing one

  5. Add pictures using pins.
  6. Be proud of yourself and never tell your impressed guests how easy it is to create the board!

    Cork Wall - the result

    Ta-Da! (So hard to take a flattering picture of this dark corner though…)


  • I bought 2 extra packages and ended up using them. It’s easy to accidentally tear some of the coasters, so I recommend you buy some extra materials.
  • I think this coaster-wall method could also work with Other materials, such as wood. Just make sure you also switch to a stronger glue, cork is very light and glue sticks to it quite good. If you’re planning to use something else check a hardware store for a better fitting glue.
  • Adding Racks wasn’t part of the original plan but my boyfriend suggested that when I was half way done and we agreed it would look good. I added rows till the rack-hight, taking into account the parts or the rack that connect to the wall. Then he added them in with the drill (no idea how to it), we cleaned, and I continued adding squares to the top.

Well, that’s it.
The wall is currently right in front of me, typing from the sofa in the living room, and I think it’s beautiful.

I hope you got inspired to make one of your own!

Crafting from the side – Peg boards

4 days after the killer food poisoning and I’m back to normal, exploring the city!
Though maybe my senses are still a bit off, I haven’t chosen so well this morning… (currently typing from a mediocre café not worth telling you about.)

But, since I’m here, already out of office, it’s a great chance to talk about a subject I have been neglecting lately: DIY.

It’s not that I haven’t been making stuff lately, I just didn’t write about it. Probably because none of the creations was a quick one-afternoon project. I have been working on big projects for my house. As the title says, those are things I did “from the side”, in a very slow progress.

When I added the pictures I came to the conclusion the post is too long, so I split it into 3 parts –  peg boards, wall decor and small sewing projects.
Here we go with number one:

Peg Boards

A couple of months ago I saw a picture of a pegboard filled kitchen. It looked amazing- both industrial & modern and a great storage solution.
I wanted to add one to our apartment.
Thing is, it wasn’t that easy to find pegboards. They are either sold in design shops for a very high price or by suppliers who sell only in big quantities. Not something that a mid-class working girl like me could put her hands on.
But, after 3-4 weeks of searching and asking around, I found an affordable solution!

A building materials store not far from our house was willing to sell me second-hand boards that used to be in their shop. They were so cheap I bought 3! It cost 25₪ (6$) per board.

Bringing them home was a bit of a mission impossible, but I found a way to get them through Dizengoff Street:

Peg board brought home on a bike

Now, let’s head to the first project I made and I’ll explain how to handle these things!

#1 Pegboard Project – MY DIY CRAFTING SPOT

Having a crafting table is something I always dreamed about.
Growing up in a house with 3 destructive boys it didn’t work out.
Now, that I have my own house, I made an affordable version of the beautiful crafting spots I saw on Pintrest, and this is how it turned out:

DIY cheap crafting spot

All it’s missing is an inspiration board (next DIY?).

how do you make a building materials shop board into the main feature of your dream crafting spot?

You follow these steps:

  1. Clean – go over the boards with a dry mop to get rid of the dust. Then use some kind of cleaning material or cleaning wipes for a final cleaning touch
  2. Color – I used Liquitex turquoise matte spray paint and the results were fantastic! It only took  2 coats to look finished. I really recommend the spray I used but the brand doesn’t really matter – just don’t compromise on the paint. It’s a piece of furniture you’re going to hang in the house, you don’t want it to look cheap or chip overtime.

    Coloring the peg board with spray paint

    Yes, I should have put a paint surface before I colored… Now our fake lawn is decorated with 2 turquoise rectangles

  3. Hang – Different boards are built differently (even in the batch I bought) so it’s better to ask for hanging advice when you buy it. Anyway, you’ll probably need a drill. If you don’t have one you probably don’t know how to use it. So you can take a risk, borrow and try to hang it or ask your neighbor for help, like I did.
  4. Order racks/hangers – or buy them in a store. In most places, people didn’t understand what I asked for and even if they did they had none in stock.
    After 5 shops I gave up the hunt and bought a 60-piece pack online.
    I made a mistake you shouldn’t repeat – I didn’t measure the distance between the peg holes before I ordered. When the hooks arrived we used a pliers to make them fit the board. It still isn’t perfect, yet holds what it needs to hold:
DIY Pegboard on budget

It’s so convenient all my tools are hung



This might be one of my favorite spots at home.
I want to be a cool minimalist ,but… I have a lot of colorful jewelry I am emotionally attached to. When we moved in I put them in a box and that wasn’t convenient. The box tool a lot of space in the closet and kept them out of sight, in a way that kept the jewelry unworn.
So this is the perfect solution for me:

Affordable jewelry rack

The board pairs perfectly with metal birds we got from my boyfriend’s mom

The painting process was similar to the one I mentioned for the crafting spot. Even though it was originally white, I colored the board. It made it matte and hid some of the scratches and blemishes it carried from being hung in the shop.

Well, that’s it for post number one on the getting-back-to-sharing-my-creations series,
I’ll be glad to hear what you thought!
Hugs & Kisses,

*Ohh, and since I got a personal request, here’s something for you to pin:
On budget DIY pegboard

DIY Golden Shelves

A month passed since we moved in, and finally, home renovations became weekly tasks rather than a daily concern that never end. *sigh*
I love shopping and crafting, yet January became a bit too overwhelming,  a race to find shelve holders, mach color codes and sew curtains, running errands all around Tel Aviv.

On February we decided on a new approach. We sat together on a Saturday morning and wrote down all the little things we’re aiming to finish with by April. We ended up with an impressive excel that included the columns”room”, “task” ,”comments” “tools” and”shopping list”. It was clear the situation isn’t that bad, we’ll be right on paste if we tackle one or two tasks a week. *another sigh*

We agreed it would be best to do tasks on the go and peek at the list from time to time to see we’re on track, because deadlines are irrelevant when it comes to our unpredictable schedules. So long – it works, We’ve been able to do much more then we predicted in 2 weeks, including .. Golden shelves!

I finally took some time to sit down and make a post out of one of the 20 household projects I’m working on, and I’m glad to present:

DIY Golden Shelves GIF - The Jungle Blog

Ever since we moved, I searched for a convenient storage solution for all my toiletries, something that would’t take over our counter yet keep all of my essentials in reach.
At first I thought of making a two story tray from concrete, but then, I visited the  dollar store and I spotted these:


It immediately reminded me of  a beautiful basket I saw in Laline (an Israeli body&bath brand) earlier that week:

The overpriced source of inspiration

My overpriced source of inspiration

I though – hmm, some golden spray and this could work…
I bought one wired shelve and tested both the color durability and the vacuum stickers strength (as a curly person I needed to make sure it could handle my hair creams, that can be quite heavy combined).

A week long successful POC (proof of concept, a marketing term borrowed from my 9-5 ) proved these shelves are strong enough to handle the job,  and I cycled back to the dollar store to buy two more shelves.

This is how you can make them yourselves:

You’ll need:

  • Detachable wire shelves (Found in dollar stores, 2$ each)
  • Golden multi-purpose spray suited for plastic and metal (Found in Hardware stores, 2.5$ per bottle)

The process:

I started by removing the vacuum stickers, preparing for coloring (I wanted them to be see-through, but you can color them as well).


Then, I placed the shelves on an old cleaning rag outside and used the golden multi-purpose spray to coat them from a 15 cm distance.

10 min later, I touched the back parts that will be connected to the wall to check if the color has set. If it’s dry –  flip the shelves and spray all the parts that haven’t been covered in the first round.


After 10 additional minutes, The color has completely set and I took the shelves in and put the vacuum stickers back on. I headed to the bathroom and sprinkled a bit of water on each sticker , then attached them to the wall, using the tiles as guide lines.


I Let them set for 5 min, then tested their stability by putting a bit of pressure with my hand. They were attached so strongly,  I needed a knife to re-locate the medium one! Anyway, I fixed it, and started pilling on.



Two helpful comments:

  1. If you cant find those wire shelves near home, you can order them online (still very cheap).
  2. In case you have textured tiles, the vacuum won’t stick. You can skip that obstacle by using a strong double sided tape to glue a piece of plastic paper cut into circles a bit wider then the stickers.

Well, that’s it,
Good night!

Now, also on Bloglovin!

Dressing Up An Umbrella

Tel Aviv has finally surrendered to winter! we still get some sunshine once in a while, but most of the time it’s pretty stormy.

Last week I had a rainy incident that made me understand I should carry an umbrella at all times, and since I live next to the sea, I looked for a strong wind proof one.
Obviously, I wanted one or those cute umbrellas with a patterned print, but the only one I found for an reasonable price (20₪ / 5$) was quite ugly..

So.. I gave it a cute addition on my own!

DIY Umbrella upgrade

It’s super easy! I’ll show you how I made mine (in exactly 6 min), but you can make yours much more sophisticated if you’re a talented artist or have a bit more time. The umbrella fabric is convenient for painting, so you can go crazy with the design.

All you need is-

  • An Umbrella
  • Acrylic paint
  • A piece of cardboard or disposable plate

And this is how I did it:

  1. Put a tablespoon amount of acrylic on a piece of cardboard.
DIY Umbrella Upgrade

I used an golden acrylic paint I already had at home, as you can see it only cost 10₪ (2.5$)

2. Using a finger, I drew circles on the inner side of the umbrella. I made them asymmetric because I think it’s cool, but you can easily make them identically sized by using a toothpick or a bottle tap.


3. That’s it basically, just turn the umbrella as you work and continue until it’s colored all the way around.

DIY Umbrella Upgrade

It took it a whole day to dry, but the project itself was super fast!  After I finished I just through the piece of cardboard and there was nothing else to clean. Some tips for the makers –

  • Metallic colors look really good on the shiny umbrella material
  • You can use sellotape  to make patterns like stripes & squares, color
  • I like the fact that only the inside is patterned, but you can color the umbrella from the outside as well.
  • Using spray paint (which I currently ran out of) you could color the umbrella tip and handle, just remember to cover the fabric near by with sellotape.
  • This could be a great activity for kids, If I would have been babysitting someone right now I would probably do it with him.

Well, that’s it!
send me pictures if you make it…


DIY Umbrella upgrade




DIY Chair Re-Cover

I did it! I managed to put a map on the site. It is indeed very ugly, but first thing first, and now I can mark the places I like in Tel Aviv!

A short update – I switched for a full time position at the Hi-Tech company , not working for the designer anymore. The story of a girl that suffers from her job at the fashion industry was already told, and filmed starring Anne Hathaway, I wanted to be more original.

Have you ever heard about a girl making her way at an office? So much more original, I might get a Politzer award for my story.

Now that I finished my announcements I can tell you about my last DIY project, while my fingers are still healing from it! On Friday Morning, just before most people wake up, I re- covered an old office chair I got from a friend (Best office girl ever or what?), and this is exactly how I did it:

And here is the step by step guide:

In case your wondering, I most definitely don’t own a staple gun, I borrowed it from Y’s family. Must admit I liked using it, it will go on my wishlist, right after those boots from Zara and dinner at the fancy restaurant I saw on Nachalat Benjamin (not sure about the name, but if I’ll eat there you’ll probably get to read about it.)

Till next time!