DIY (Affordable) Cork Wall

Welcome to part two of my crafting projects reviling!
As I mentioned in the first post, on the last couple of month  I have been working on some budget friendly projects to make the new apartment we moved to into a home.
One of my favorite projects was making a cork wall, replicating a pin I saved a long time ago.
(My version is a bit different, adjusted to be affordable)

DIY Cork wall - The Jungle Blog


The Inspiration

Ever since I traveled in South Africa I’m very fond of cork.
I met a local designer that made amazing bags from it and that opened my mind to the fact it can be used for more than sealing bottles.
These days I even have a wallet made of cork (a  really good leather-alternative! You can find it on this Etsy shop).

A couple of months ago this pin popped into my Pinterest feed:

The cork wall inspiration

Originally from –

I really liked the idea!
When we moved in I immediately spotted the perfect wall for such a thing – the shady, colorless, part between the entry hallway and the living room.
It needed some warm colors and I thought a cork wall would help me to bring them in.

The problem

Cork is expensive.
It would have cost me around 500₪ (120$) to buy cork sheets for the wall I wanted to cover.

The solution

Cork coasters!
Much cheaper & look quite cool lined together, like a cork-brick wall.

Affordable cork wall - GIF


  • A ruler
  • A pen
  • A good pair of scissors
  • 20 5-piece cork coasters packages –  bought at a dollar store for  100₪ (25$) total.
  • 4 rolls of strong double sided tape – bought at a dollar store for 20₪ (5$) total
  • Pins
  • A bunch of pictures and little hangable souvenirs

The process

  1. Measure the wall you want to cover and write down the measurements before you head to coaster-shop.
  2. Buy the coasters at a houseware shop or a dollar store.  Choose coasters you like and measure them to know how many packages you’ll need to cover the wall.
  3. Test the tape by gluing the bottom first coaster to the wall. It should stick right away and be very hard to remove once it touched the glue.  If you want to extra sure leave it overnight and test it again in the morning.
  4. Glue the coasters to the wall row after row, going right to left or left to right to make sure the alien squares in the different rows (you can go for a more bricky look with non-overlapping lines).
    Cork Wall DIY - Gluing

    My hand just looked like a claw in this pic so I added it and I actually really liked the result. Might see this kind of illustration again on the blog.

    I cut the last coaster in each row to fit the corner, you might need to do that too. Measure the gap between the last coaster you laid to the end of the wall\ corner.  Then mark the length using a ruler and a pen and cut it with scissors (coasters are quite easy to cut).

    Measuring coasters for the cork wall

    The only ruler I had was my sewing one

  5. Add pictures using pins.
  6. Be proud of yourself and never tell your impressed guests how easy it is to create the board!

    Cork Wall - the result

    Ta-Da! (So hard to take a flattering picture of this dark corner though…)


  • I bought 2 extra packages and ended up using them. It’s easy to accidentally tear some of the coasters, so I recommend you buy some extra materials.
  • I think this coaster-wall method could also work with Other materials, such as wood. Just make sure you also switch to a stronger glue, cork is very light and glue sticks to it quite good. If you’re planning to use something else check a hardware store for a better fitting glue.
  • Adding Racks wasn’t part of the original plan but my boyfriend suggested that when I was half way done and we agreed it would look good. I added rows till the rack-hight, taking into account the parts or the rack that connect to the wall. Then he added them in with the drill (no idea how to it), we cleaned, and I continued adding squares to the top.

Well, that’s it.
The wall is currently right in front of me, typing from the sofa in the living room, and I think it’s beautiful.

I hope you got inspired to make one of your own!

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